1960s Retro Furniture

If you are looking for something totally different and beautiful for your home, then you cannot miss our new range of fabulously retro-inspired furniture… Cool  1960’s sideboards, finished in bold and eclectic colour combinations… A gorgeous, funky 1950’s chair, upholstered with fabric which has been hand-painted over by Maite with her unique designs. With her trademark flair and originality, Maite transforms previously dull and lifeless furniture into interior pieces to die for, whilst reviving the cool, clean lines evocative of some truly groovy design eras!


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Maite Alegre has most recently been focusing her experience and flair for interior design on the creation of new, bespoke furniture. Her work includes fitted pieces to create contemporary kitchens[more]
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Don't miss our new range of fabulously retro-inspired furniture… Cool 1960’s sideboards, finished in bold and eclectic colour combinations... [more]