Maite Alegre … beautiful ideas, professional friendly approach and absolute reliability.
Christine and Michael Standen, Swinbrook
Maite is a gifted and imaginative artist.
Ming Carlisle
Carlos and Maite work quickly, communicate brilliantly & are very reasonably priced.
Sarah Lang
On many an occasion I have brought Maite a second –hand piece of furniture and she has turned it into a French style piece that looks like it belongs in a château.The Quality of her work is excellent and I would recommend her to anyone looking to transform an interior by changing the style of their existing furniture.
Emma Schutz
We had a number of old redundant pieces of furniture that served a functional purpose but did not fit in with the decor of our new home. We were reluctant to throw it away because it was solid and well made. Not only did they save us money and time but they had the vision, professionalism and creative flair to make it happen. Highly recommended.
Julie, Verity, Peter & Family
What they did was brilliant. I commissioned over a dozen pieces. I could have sold my glass cabinet 10 times since I had it painted. By painting what I already had I have ended up with beautiful bespoke furniture which is in keeping with the changes I wanted to make in my home.
Mrs Payne
As an interior designer it is extremely helpful to be able to customise a client’s existing pieces that do not fit into a new scheme that I am creating for them.
Katy Aires – Interior Designer
This is a very personal service. Their work is of a high standard and we have already recommended them to a number of people and will continue to do so into the future.
Sylvia & Peter Huggins
The effect on our tables and chairs has been truly stunning, dark dated pieces have been beautifully hand painted and given new life and beauty. We are currently working together on the restoration of an antique chair and large pine dresser.
Michael and Sue Blayney
Bespoke New Kitchens and Furniture
Maite Alegre has most recently been focusing her experience and flair for interior design on the creation of new, bespoke furniture. Her work includes fitted pieces to create contemporary kitchens[more]
50′s Unique Chair
A real statement piece for any contemporary or retro-inspired home, this stunning 1950’s chair showcases Maite Alegre Home’s passion for up-cycling furniture and creating fabulous interiors. [more]
Antique French Furniture
French furniture has always been renowned for its elegance and design. Throughout the centuries, people have been inspired by the rococo style of Louis XV, the neoclassical furniture of Louis XVI, the[more]
Shabby Chic
As a design concept, shabby chic began to emerge initially in the UK as a counter-culture to the unimaginative interiors and mass-produced furniture coming out of the 1980s and 1990s. There was a de[more]
Painted Interiors & Kitchen Design
Commissions make up a large part of our business and we offer a highly individual, bespoke service. We work with any style and size of furniture, including kitchen interiors, fitted cabinets, dressers[more]
Maite Alegre Home at the Big Feastival 2013
It was fabulous to take part in Jamie Oliver’s Big Feastival last weekend...the sun was shining and the atmosphere buzzing as people turned up in their thousands to enjoy this celebration of food, d[more]
1960s Retro Furniture
Don't miss our new range of fabulously retro-inspired furniture… Cool 1960’s sideboards, finished in bold and eclectic colour combinations... [more]